Master Kong invents a new way of seeding their viral to adsites.

Did y'all know I've gotten cynical over the years? Nooo, say it ain't so the crowd roars in mock shock, but yep, I have.

See, when I got this email, I did immediately think "is this a trick to get me to post it?", either way the most I could be bothered doing was deny it was our viral on twitter eleven hours ago. It was the 0 connections on her linkedin page that sealed the deal for me, well, that and no response to my email. Oh, and her lastname.firstname@gmail email was lacking a G. I may make typos, but I'm not blind.

Hi there,
There are rumors that the 'Master Kong' TV interview

is actually a self promo for Adland. Can you confirm this? and if not- do you have a hint who is behind this?
Many thanks
Jaia Rosenberg
free-lance journalist for advertising publications and creative ad blogs

And lo and behold, looks like Steve over at adrants got the same email: Master Kong A 'Viral' For Adrants?. So fess up fellow adbloggers, who else got it?

So who, pray tell, is behind this viral? Lets file this under: who gives a toss. Honestly, virals that make me hunt for the sender have bored me for years already.

Update: Arity, over twitter I got it confirmed from @griner and a few others that practically every ad-news-gossiper got this email, how clever.

The funniest? @creativitymag got a mail from Jaia too and at that time her Linkedin page stated that she worked for them. Do'h! @creativitymag knows that she does not.

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