McDonald's, are they lovin' it too much?

We've spoken about the burgers = sex thing before; "Between the buns of a Big Mac, there is special sauce", but this sex-obsession won't die just yet. While Hardee's/Carl's jr used overexposed in more ways than one Paris Hilton in their latest ad - see Paris Gets a Little Too Spicy - McDonalds knows that it's all about the burgers buns and less about the scrawny celebs pretending to eat them. After the "I'd hit it" flash ad, and the headline on the ad below, I'm wondering if the word "sex" is actually in the McD ad brief?

More proof that McDonald's indeed have sex on their brains, or at least, the letter s - if you type in https://s in your (firefox) browsers URL location, you'll end up at No really, try it. Ain't that weird? Did they buy the letter "s" for "sex" or, "special sauce"? At this point, is there a difference? ;)