McDonald's vs Arby's - fast food as erotica has gone too far.

Today's mini-badlander is brought to you by burgers. Or fast food as erotica gone overboard. Yes, I have laughed as hard at the "I'd hit it" flash banner and the 'piece of meat' burger poster as you have. These guys take it one step further and fancy their women dressing up as.... wait for it... Burger workers.

Yeah that's pretty kinky. Without further ado, McDonald's (Germany - pan european) vs Arby's (USA).

Last year in December - Arby's brought the kink to the bedroom. Because it was his birthday.

Only recently has this ad begin airing in Germany and Sweden (I can not for the life of my understand why DDB Sweden who keep raking in the awards on McDonald's account had to do an adaptation from Germany. In English. On Swedish TV. So many wrongs here that I get a headache.) In it they've upped the ante - Man is in prison, and all he really wants from the outside is a Big Mac. I was waiting for the reenactment of the pressing nipple against the glass scene from Midnight Express that I'm sure Director Charley Stadler at least considered doing, but no such luck in the end ad.

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