The Media Drop Survey: What would you pay to access news and information?


Surveys are best when they get a lot of data, so if you have a minute to spare, share your input with the media drop by filling in this teeny tiny survey so that we can all see what people really think about signing up for 'free' accounts to read news. Do you do it?

Personally, it bugs me to sign up to read something, not because I have to fill in two pages of info about me (I lie every time), but because I always loose my passwords and never seem to be able to get them back. Probably because I lie even on what my email is, so I can't remember even that key piece of info when I try to figure out how to log back in. Serves me right doesn't it? ;) Also, the news site is always covered with flash and flashing banners, ugh. God bless adblock!

Totally unrelated, Gareth Kay passed me a 'Musical Baton' which I replied to here on my linklog

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  • TDD's picture

    I don't sign up for accounts to read the news. If I come to a page that wants personal information from me (even if it is just my email address) I skip it. I refuse to give out my personal information just to be able to read a publication's news. I also won't pay for online news.

    The ad/news sites are another thing I dislike. I came across one news site recently that that its ads placed over the text of the article! The news was free, but I couldn't read the article!

    Jun 01, 2005
  • Dabitch's picture

    aye.. News, I'm not so keen on, even though I pay for my favorite paper newspaper. Articles (longer) and other content however, sure. It has to be easy to do though. I don't want to spend 30 minutes filling out a hugely long form with my card #, home adress, work adress, age, gender, nationality, favorite food and favorite color just to get there. Make it short and sweet.

    Jun 02, 2005
  • TDD's picture

    I would be interested to see the results of The Media Drop survey when it is completed, if the results are published.

    Jun 02, 2005

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