meetup adgrunts


meetup adgrunts


Meetup helps you organize meeting in wide range of subjecs - and now there is even an advertising group.

please join in - this could be very useful for adgrunts around the world to make new adgrunty pals. I've signed up as host for Copenhagen and look forward to meeting up with others. People from Boston, Raleigh NC, Copenhagen and New york have already signed up. What about you brazilians, amsterdanians and Londonites? Join in! Perhaps become the host of your city? :)

to all danes joining - i'll bring extra Ghost magazines to our meetup as I have a few (both the red and the white issue) - you want one? then please come join us. :)


Judging by the calibre who attended the 'Slashdot' meetup in Fort Worth recently (, I think all adgrunts should tread a cautious line.


*giggle* well adgrunts differ from slashdot fans in that we have better designed t-shirts not neccisarily advertising a computer or geeky language. ;-)

(unless you count my #!/usr/bin/girl t-shirt)

wow, some of the slashdot meeters in Brisbane, Oz look pretty drunk. :))

Where are the chicks in that meeting? I think Star Trek meetings have more T&A!

If that's what you're looking for, you may have better luck sneaking into your local professional women's organization in drag... although that's probably a scary lot; not all "Maxim-licious."

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