Megadouche Ferrari-owner that ran over cops foot is also co-founder of "Line Snob"

Yesterday a video popped up on youtube that showed a NYPD beat cop attempting to ticket a Ferrari, when the owner of the car decided it would be a great time to move it. Later it emerged he was Stephanie Pratt's boyfriend, Julien Chabbott, and Observer reported that Line Snob Co-Founder is The Ferrari Snob Who Ran Over Cop’s Foot.

Yes, Julien Chabbott co-founded Line Snob the "social media app" that helps you avoid lines. That this was ever funded is making my head explode. It's “a location-based social network that monitors lines and provides wait times,” powered by tattle-tales in crowds, and in this 2010 article about the startup, the opening sentence in it points out: “Eric Adler and Julien Chabbott hate waiting in lines.”

They also hate waiting for cops to finish writing their tickets. Megadouche! Download it today! Oh I'm sorry, that wasn't the name of the app? I get confused, it seemed so fitting.