Melania Trump is the sultry voice that sexes up aflac duck

Melania Trump's biggest commercial gig to date is her starring role in an upcoming Aflac commercial. The ad, called "Experiment" features her purring out the words "Aflac" instead of Gilbert Gottfried usual squeal due to the intervention of a mad scientist who messed with the ducks voice. This crazy ad-story apparently, is designed to lend that duck som sex appeal. Sex appeal? It's a a duck people!
"We want to give Aflac some sex appeal; that’s what the commercial is all about" said the billionaire bride.

Scenario of the commercial; while the duck purrs with Melania's voice "If you're hurt and can't work, Aflac can help pay your bills with caaash.", Mrs Trump next to the duck quacks with Gottfried's voice "Aflac!" as the punchline. The funniest part is.... It's not Melania's voice that you hear the duck use.

update Here is the ad by the way.