"Men" is not a target group

Strategy Magzine is holding a conference in Toronto entitled "Understanding Men: Metro or Retro" with the aim to best learn how to drill down the target market that is men.

Ok...wait just one moment here. Does some researcher really think that they can make such broad types of claims about a gender group that can be so incredibly diverse? WTF?...argh.

I never understood the groupings of "men" and "women" in the way that it's done usually. Ok so men. Yeah. And sure you go further by narrowing down by age (although sometimes those groupings are ridiculously large too like 18-54...come on) but that still leaves out so many factors. It's so silly.

If any client or AE handed me a strategy with "Target: Men 18-54" and left it at that I think I'd find it hard not to laugh in their face. Sometimes mass media isn't the problem. Sometimes the problem begins much more closer to the beginning with strategies like that.