Merry Holidays from Mother


Merry Holidays from Mother


Be appalled, be very appalled at Love from Mother London.


What do you say to this? Are you mad that no one would let them stay? Are you mad that someone would pretend to be poor and pregnant to exploit a bit about xmas? Are you mad because you have no idea what mother merriment is? Well, one this is for sure, I'm shocked.

I'm not sure what I think of this. All I can say is, it's different.

Assuming they actually posed as asylum seekers, and none of the bouncers or hotel workers were warned or acting, then I suppose it's quite well done, although the outcome must have been fairly predictable. It's a bit of an obvious statement, though.

A more interesting film..: Mother goes to a (UK) refugeecamp and films the birth of a refugee, together with three wise PM's that wan't to change the inhumane treatment of said refugees.

who gets to play the farm animals? ;) (sheep, baa baaa)

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