Michael Black really wants to be Taco Bell's spokesman


On Monday, just barely and perhaps not so coincidentally a week after his interactive panel discussion at SXSW, Michael Ian Black sent out a tweet expressing his desire to become the spokesman for Taco Bell.

And the world listened.

And by “the world,” I mean 50 or so people including myself, one of a few ad geeks who not only love his work, but also remember his stint as Pets.com spokesman, and and in a Sierra Mist spot.

But then it started to grow.

Because Black’s strategy ticks off the boxes needed to make something like this grow. Take note:

Participation. Michael Ian Black is not only championing himself, but enthusiastically communicating with his twitter followers. (Engagement)

A hashtag #mib4tacobell (An instantly recognizable calling card.)

A couple of youtube videos appealing President Obama to make him the spokesman for Taco Bell. (Just funny and weird enough to share)

The inevitable Shepard Fairey/Team Coco pastchice, courtesy of @conradburry. (Note that this isn't necessarily part of a successful social media campaign, it just goes with the territory.)

Celebrity shout outs from @levarburton, @toddbarry and others. (Endorsement from peers)

And thanks to my late night boredom, a Facebook page. (Something to like.)


So what we know is Michael Ian Black is doing everything right so far engaging, sharing, and keeping it interesting. If I were Taco Bell's agency I would be all over this. For the record, I don't work there.

Even more interesting is what this is already doing for Taco Bell's status.

Another part of the story that hasn’t been covered much is that Taco Bell actually responded to Black via twitter after one day. Now, sure it’s only one response by the person who moderates Taco Bell’s twitter feed.
But considering their last big social media effort was a video from their president defending their quality of meat, any step in the right direction is a good one.

Check out some Michael Ian Black spots from days of yore. And be sure to follow @michaelianblack and @strawberrycough because why not, right?

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