Michelob & Music - free mp3s?!?!?


Michelob is giving away free mp3s on their ultramix site until September. They change the tracks you can get every 2 weeks or something, so check it NOW (so you can maximize the downloading of the most music). You can make playlists on the site, and then download the playlist. They also have this auto-mix function so you can just download a playlist they’ve made for different types of workouts. Technology is really crazy! Anyway, it’s great music to workout to, and hey, what makes it better, they’re free!!

Check it out:

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    I think Michelob may end up paying a lot in licensing fees to whichever record label they are working with. But then again they must be smart enough to have thought of that ..... right??

    (have seen companies burnt by not thinking about these incremental costs - will be interesting to see if the site closes after a couple of weeks)

    Aug 12, 2005

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