Miley Cyrus - Hannah Montana - working the pole.

Not sure when Disney fell asleep at the wheel but here's sixteen year old Hanna Montana/Miley Cyrus doing some gyrating pole dancing at the Teen Choice Awards. Yes, what you see here is jesus-loving jailbait working the pole in front of an audience largely consisting of preteens. On top of a little ice-cream cart labelled "Miley's Ice Cream." Nice euphemism. I predict a downhill trajectory into full frontal nudity shown everywhere by 2012.

Hannah Montana as a brand is off prudent parents shopping lists in 5...4...3.. Aw who am I kidding it worked out great when Britney Spears did it. Ka-ching says the Disney machine! Isn't there any other way for a Disney pop starlet to "rebel"? This is getting so predictable.

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