Milk and Mobile Phones.


Milk? and Mobile phones? What do they have in common? The packaging of course! But don't drag that all the way to the ads.....

I was seriously flabbergasted when I saw this ad.

Ok, so the milk -mustache ads are famous, at least to us adpunters.. But does the average punter in Holland know about the American east-coast milk campaign? I don't think so. Will they get it? I don't know. But more to the point...Does it say anything at all about the motorola phones apart from the fact that they come in silver colored tetra-packs (This by the way is not exclusive to them, all mobile phone brands come in tetra-packs in Holland).

The most self referential ad I have seen so far, one wonders how they sold this to the client.. I'm sure you have a theory and opinion too, share it !

This Motorola ad was created at McCann in Amsterdam and when their creative director Kees Rijken saw this page he said: " Who wrote this!? What a pretentious dick!" . Well, I'll take that as a compliment, Kees. ;)

I also need help finding the original Milk Mustache campaign!
I saw an ad in Sweden featuring Cyndee Peters sporting a mustache in an ad in the late eighties. Anyone else remember that one or is my ad-brain outta whack?

Update Cyndee Peters was indeed in a Swedish ad campaign sporting a mustache - see Milk - where did you get that mustache?

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