Miller High Life Might Spawn TV Show


Miller High Life Might Spawn TV Show


What? Didn't you say Bud? And what's more interesting, the implications from an advertising standpoint or the possibility that this too could go down in infamy?

from Ad Age:

"As marketers grapple with ways to counter the diminishing effectiveness of the 30-second spot, Miller Brewing Co. is exploring the possibility of turning its popular High Life ad campaign into a TV show. The High Life man is fond of bowling, hunting and traditional values of the blue-collar life.

Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore., the brewer's ad shop; its production house, Radical Media, New York; and director Errol Morris are working to develop an Archie Bunker-like TV series based on the 5-year-old campaign for Miller High Life beer that features ironic voice-over musings on the simple pleasures of the blue-collar life..."


this advertising-telly trend is weird. Shows about ad people, 'reality' shows about people making ads, talk shows with ad people..... And now shows about he ads themselves. ;)
What next? Pillsbury Doughboy as the Naked Chef? Aunt Jemimas daytime talk show? Late night with Hungry Jack? Jolly Green Giants Moneyline? ;)))

I'm scared, man, I'm scared.

hmmm... is the sitcommercial a whole 'nother medium? Or are the networks just plain old out of ideas?

Is there really any difference between this and early radio. Radio programs revolved around products and product placement. We're just coming full circle.

I dunno.. Early radio was better? ;))
Soaps had product placement sure, (and yes the word comes from there blahblah, we know. *wink*) but was the entire radio content 'commercials - then ad-shows, then a "sponsored by" - then another commercial break, then onto the product placement soaps'? Heck, I thought they played uninterrupted concerts from Carnegie hall once in a while.

There's a difference between, say the hosts of Dinner and a Movie talking about how the love the great taste of Guacamole flavored Doritos and a show that is based on/is a commercial.
This is like the Waasup guys getting their own show (although slightly different since the agency "found" them rather than "finding" the concept).
It will be interesting to see if there's any backlash from this, especially as it's a beer company. I can just see the media blitz now "5-13 year olds love the High Life". ;)

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