Mince Mary advert the most complained about ad last year.

The UK advertising watchdog Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) announced our favorite toplist on Tuesday by releasing their annual report. Top honor goes to an ad shilling mince meat pies, which became the most complained about advert in the UK last year.

In the TV commercial for Mr Kipling's mince pies, Mary is seen giving birth in what seems to be a hospital but is later revealed the be a church hall. More than 800 people were offended and complained, the advert was judged to have breached advertising codes and was withdrawn.

Religion was a touchy subject last year as the ASA's annual report revealed that three of the top four campaigns caused "religious offence" and were complained about.

Overall the ASA received 12,711 complaints in 2004, a fall of 10.9 percent from 2003, a record year for complaints to the watchdog. The ASA said a record 1,835 non-broadcast adverts were changed or withdrawn as a result of ASA action.

Top non-broadcast complaint winner was for the Channel 4 TV series "Shameless" which was done in the style of Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting, The Last Supper, and got 264 complaints.

In second place, the morning after pill poster with the headline 'Immaculate Contraception' received 182 complaints.

Killer Heels was one of the banned press ads.

You can see More at MediaWeek.

Edit: Caffeinegoddess posted about the Kipling pie controversy in Cakes and Blasphemy back in 2003 when it had already received 100 complaints.

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