Mmmm.... tastes like ass?

When Sharwoods launched its latest product range earlier this month, it promised the "deliciously rich" sauces based on a traditional northern Indian method of cooking would "change the way consumers make curry" - but they might be changing what we think about Curry.
Their unfortunate name "bundh" in Punjabi has a less savoury meaning - the nearest English translation being "arse", reports the Guardian - who still fall for that old chevy Nova urban legend, debunked many times.

Sharwoods said it would be "dismayed" if anyone was troubled by the name, but had no intention of changing it.

"We hope that once they understand the derivation of the Bundh sauce range and taste the delicious meals they can produce, they will agree that it is miles apart from the Punjabi word that is similar but spelled and pronounced differently (with a long "u")," it added.

We may not be able to suggest that consumers turn their TV off, but promoting the idea too Smack your TV is fine, as WWE launched a campaign saying just that. The tagline, "Smack Your TV," was created by Wong Doody in Seattle.

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