Model goes behind the camera


Model goes behind the camera

Vogue UK reports Elle MacPherson has decided to act as creative director on her latest ad campaign for her new Intimates collection. The campaign includes voyeur-style posters as well as TV spots.

"The idea was to create a number of intimate moments; a glimpse at a beautiful woman in another room. The mood is very Rear Window, very Hitchcock heroine," says Elle. "It was an enormous project, something that I put all my energy into. In fact, it was quite a relief not to have all the pressure that comes with modelling too." (ad can be downloaded here. )



I can see why they call her "The Body". There's 0 thought behind this creepy voyeur video.

it's the soundtrack that makes it creepy.

what soundtrack? Oh...
It's a helluva lot better than the Kylie video... More potential to go viral under "hidden camera girl in dorm" on bearshare...

Hmm. Not much thinking going on here "intimates" and an intimate voyuer type shot. I like the undies though.

I like them. It's just a shame that they are too damn short.

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