Moms outrage against Nike nudity


Moms outrage against Nike nudity


Onemillionmoms are encouraging mom's to send letters of complaint "urging Nike and The NFL to drop the disgusting commercial" which is currently airing.

Super adgrunts - click to view

"It is unbelievable the depths to which marketing has fallen. It's gotten so that you can't even watch a sporting event without exposing your children to nudity, sex and violence on commercials!"

"While watching the AFC Championship game last night I saw a very offensive commercial for Nike Shox. The commercial shows a naked man "streaking" across a soccer field during a match, being chased (but never caught) by police. During one particularly lewd portion of this ad, he makes obscene gyrations with a corner flagpole, much as a stripper would do, and leaves the field, only to return again. The commercial fades as the "streaker" continues to elude authorities."


my country embarrasses me on a regular basis. so sorry.

(I mean the Moms, not the spot ).

embarrasses you? dont be humble - you guys are the entertainment. ;-) .

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