Moonfruit lounge's #moonfruit free macbook campaign killed by twitter?

Looks like #moonfruit was just a wee bit too successful as the very transparent campaign (whereby you could be one of the lucky winners of a brend new macbook if you tweeted the #moonfruit tag), as it seems to have been culled from the trending topics list.

Twitter censors Moonfruit? What does it mean for the future of Twitocracy?

I’ve said it before in comments on other blogs, but this is probably a commercial channel for Twitter in the future (I’m sure they’ve thought about it! Maybe we've touched a nerve.) Perhaps there should be ‘commercial trends’ vs ‘normal trends’ lists. And its certainly been said that users should be able to filter their feeds to remove ‘commercial’ or unwanted tags.
What would help me is a clear understanding of what happened, and therefore what the new ‘rules of the game’ are going forward. What does this mean for topics on Twitter? What does it mean for marketers? If we were removed as ‘spam’, when did we become spam, was it ok for the first few days, just not after? And are the creative responses, videos, images, songs, etc. all just spam? (see 'Real people get creative with Moonfruit').
Two oil paintings of Moonfruit? A woman paper-maching her face to look like a moon (while eating fruit)? A ransom letter to Moonfruit demanding a Mac? A man making his lunch zuchinni into the words ‘Moonfruit’? Writing songs and penning Haiku’s? Teenagers dancing and producing films? Is this spam?

I'll have to hand i to moonfruit, individuals creative responses to the macbook lottery made the topic fun. But free stuff for hashtags alone can indeed be interpreted as (clever) spam. Honestly now.

Since Twitter hasn't said a word about this, we can only assume here, but it does seem likely that #moonfruit was kicked out of trending topics. Perhaps this foretells a future of paid for trending topic listings and other ickyness. God knows the spammers found #80stweets right fast.

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