More advertisers get ready for Super Bowl XL

As we get closer and closer to the mania of the Super Bowl XL advertising bonanza, more and more information on the commercials comes through the pipeline.

Here is an UPDATED list of the spots broken down by air time (if we know it) that you can expect to see this year.

If you prefer to be surprised, don't read for more. ;)

As time goes by and new information becomes avaliable, we'll make another post or two like this with all the nitty gritty details we can get our paws on.


Burger King One :60 (after kick-off)
Summary: The King going head to helmet with NFL players.
Ad Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Miami, Fla.

Bayer - Aleve One :30
Summary:Leonard Nimoy shows how "Aleve allows you to be your best self".
Ad Agency: Energy BBDO, Chicago

General Motors Corp. - Cadillac 2007 Escalade Sport Utility One :60
Summary: Featuring 8 Supermodels, including Rachel Hunter, the car is revealed using a fashion show concept.
Ad Agency: Leo Burnett, Detriot

Sprint Two :30 (2nd & 3rd quarter)
Summary: Testing four humorous spots; one was created by a special effects master that work on "The Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe."
Ad Agency: TBWA/Chiat Day, New York


Nationwide Insurance One :30-second - second break
Summary: Fabio in an ad about how fast life can change. Celebrity spot is part of its "Life Comes at You Fast" branding campaign
Ad Agency: TM Advertising, Irving, Texas

American Home Health One :30 - PS line of home antibacterial soaps and disinfectants.
Summary: People in biosuits ("humorous")
Ad Agency: Ronin Advertising Group, Coconut Grove, Fla.

Sprint Two :30 (2nd & 3rd quarter)
Summary: Testing four humorous spots; one was created by a special effects master that work on "The Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe."
Ad Agency: TBWA/Chiat Day, New York

Toyota Motor Corp. - 2007 Camry Hybrid One :30
Summary: A Hispanic father is driving his young son in their new hybrid Toyota Camry. When the father explains how the hybrid car switches between gas and electric power, the son compares it to the way his father can switch between English and Spanish. "Because I'm always thinking of your future," the father says, explaining why he learned English -- and why he bought a hybrid.
Ad Agency: Unknown

Emerald of California One :30
Summary:Builds on the word-game approach Emerald took last year using the letters E and N witha druid and a machete enthusiast
Ad Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco

Unknown air times:

Ameriquest Mortgage Co. - Two :30s
Summary: No info yet.
Ad Agency: DDB, Los Angeles

Anheuser-Busch- 10 spots throughout the game
Summary: No info yet- Probably will include spots for Budweiser, Bud Light, AB, and a Don't Drink & Drive type spot.
Ad Agency(s): No info yet

Career Two :30s
Summary:monkeys are back for another year
Ad Agency: Cramer Krasselt, Chicago

ESPN- Mobile ESPN One :60
Summary:Launch Mobile ESPN, the network's mobile-phone service that delivers ESPN-branded sports content
Ad Agency: Arnold Worldwide, Boston

Summary: No info yet
Ad Agency: BBDO, New York

Ford Motor Co. One :30
Summary: Possibly will push its crucial new Fusion sedan
Ad Agency: JWT, Detroit

Procter & Gamble Co. - Gillette Fusion Razor
Summary: No info yet
Ad Agency: BBDO, New York

Pepsi-Cola Co. Four :30
Summary: At least one ad to push Diet Pepsi brand.
Ad Agency: Pepsi-BBDO, NY; Diet Pepsi-DDB, NY

Summary: No info yet
Ad Agency: MMB, Boston

Unilever- Degree
Summary: An adaptation of the European commercial Stunt City for Sure, set in a make-believe city whose only residents are stuntmen.
Ad Agency: Lowe Worldwide, London

Unilever- Dove
Summary: Young girls talk about self-esteem and accepting themselves for who they are.
Ad Agency: Ogilvy

AT&T- "Transparency" :30 (pre-game/coin toss/in game for 13 states previously served by the Co.)
Summary: Special effects to make the world look transparent - revealing AT&T's hidden telecom network
Ad Agency: GSD&M and Rogers Townsend
Summary:All depends if they can get their concept cleared.
Ad Agency: The Ad Store, NY

New Line Cinema One Spot, length unknown
Spot will promote "Running Scared," an action thriller with Paul Walker
Ad Agency: In-house

Buena Vista Pictures One spot, length unknown Will promote "Shaggy Dog" remake starring Tim Allen
Ad Agency: In-house

Warner Bros. Three :30s
For three films -- "Poseidon," the remake of "Poseidon Adventure"; "V for Vendetta," with Natalie Portman; and "16 Blocks," a copy movie starring Bruce Willis and Mos Def
Ad Agency: In-house

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