More Anti-doping from the One Show.


More Anti-doping from the One Show.


When fellow adgrunt ernieschenck gave us all a sneak preview way back in April, he enticed us with the headline Performance Enhancing Drugs Rear Their Head At The One Show and linked to the film with Kevin Roddy. Sadly, adgrunts seemed to find this film about as much fun as watching paint dry. Well, the One Show Anti Doping campaign has more than one film, there's also an interview with Paul Capelli, founder of the ad store, and a news report scene 'live' from the court house. Bore your way through them at your leisure.


It's pretty much a toss up which video is shittier.

aye. Isn't this kinda weird though? Award-films used to be the funniest things and now this. wtf?

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