More babies in bins - badland.

Briefblog tips us that there is a commercial-twin to that strange baby in a bin ad I spoke of yesterday. Zappingdigital has more in depth analysis on the ad (in Spanish). This time hidden camera footage shows people reacting to the "baby" wailing in the bin - and how quickly their body language changes once they see its an ad.
A woman approaches the bin with her hand on her chest as if clutching her heart, and then slams the lid shut once she's seen the ad. The message here is different, instead of touting the pill it reminds people about abortions risks and consequences.

Interestingly, both the baby-in-a-bin ads come from Ogilvy.

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Chile.
Client: Movement for Life.

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i prefer the chilean version. good for ogilvy ;)

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Am I the only one who found these ads disturbing?

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I produced a TV spot with M&C Saatchi Singapore last year. Same thing: baby in bin. Check it out at: