More boycotting News Of The World: Mumsnet pulls Sky campaign. Co-Op group still on.

The News Of the World hate is still on, and now it's spreading to other media organisations as Mumsnet are removing ads for Sky from their site Brandrepublic reports.

Mumsnet has pulled a campaign promoting Sky to its users, following increasingly vociferous calls from its influential community that it should not be associated with a Murdoch-owned organisation, after further phone-hacking allegations at the News of the World.

Every single advertiser is a target, there's even a NOTW Boycott posterous listing details of the advertisers and supplying pre-written emails. If you want to join in on the tweetmob, use's pre-written tweetbuttons directed at each advertiser instead which many many people are clearly doing.

One that hasn't distanced itself yes is the Co-Op group, which is rather odd since they're the ethical bank. Their customers are calling to lobby the Co-Op group to withdraw ads from NoTW. Specifically because they said to Marketingweek "it has no plans to pull any advertising, despite the public outcry against the paper.". On twitter (again) people are lobbying against the co-op group saying "We own them, send this letter to them".

The Guardian has suggestions on News Of the world hacking, and listed as suggestion number one is boycott the paper. That's easy enough.

Meanwhile, Rebekah Brooks is shocked this could have happened when she was editor. Shocked? Really? Was she editor when the relatives of the victims in the 7/7 bombings had their phones hacked by News Of The world? This isn't a new thing.

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