More Deutsch and The Donald, too!

Oooh! Pitch for prizes! Who wants a retainer when you can like, get a blender or something? A sign of the impending apocalypse? Or is it?! from the Creativity email:

"Apprentice Contestants Face Deutsch Challenge

Donald Trump will team up with another powerful Donny Thursday night on the second episode of the NBC reality show The Apprentice. Trump's would-be employees will be sent off to Deutsch, where they will compete against each other to develop a campaign for the Marquis Jet Card, and then pitch their ideas to Donny Deutsch himself. The winning team gets prizes. The losers get double-teamed by Donalds.

"I'm thrilled that Donald Trump and Mark Burnett chose to showcase Deutsch Inc. in the second episode of The Apprentice," Deutsch says in a statement. "I was impressed with the charisma and smarts of the contestants."

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