More Deutsch and The Donald, too!

Oooh! Pitch for prizes! Who wants a retainer when you can like, get a blender or something? A sign of the impending apocalypse? Or is it?! from the Creativity email:

"Apprentice Contestants Face Deutsch Challenge

Donald Trump will team up with another powerful Donny Thursday night on the second episode of the NBC reality show The Apprentice. Trump's would-be employees will be sent off to Deutsch, where they will compete against each other to develop a campaign for the Marquis Jet Card, and then pitch their ideas to Donny Deutsch himself. The winning team gets prizes. The losers get double-teamed by Donalds.

"I'm thrilled that Donald Trump and Mark Burnett chose to showcase Deutsch Inc. in the second episode of The Apprentice," Deutsch says in a statement. "I was impressed with the charisma and smarts of the contestants."

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    We've only just begun! The Creativity email reported A NY Post Friday:

    " Donny Deutsch might be in line for his own reality show. Insiders say the Madison Avenue magnate so impressed producers with his guest spot on The Apprentice, Donald Trump's cutthroat reality romp, he's in talks to create a reality series of his own," the tab whispers. And what will this series be called?"


    Jan 19, 2004
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    Hasn't he had enough of his moment in the limelight? *sigh* Doesn't seem like he'll be going away soon, unfortunately. I'm tired of people and ad people who are so full of themselves. Anyone know what happened to his CNBC show? It hasn't been on Wed at 9pm for a couple weeks.

    Jan 19, 2004