More SAGgravation!


As if a months long strike with no resolution in sight isn't enough, now striking actors are facing the threat of synthetic scabs. The Hollywood Reporter, E! Online and Empire reported yesterday that Al Pacino will be staring with a computer-generated leading lady in his next film--"Simone."

The disturbing part of this news for the acting community is that the CGI starlet isn't a "character" like Jar-Jar Binks or Roger Rabbit, but essentially an actress who just happens to be digital. A SAG spokesman noted that "an actor is losing his job."

Of course, since movies have long been a rich source of material to be recycled into advertising, it's only a matter of time before these synthespians start popping up in commercials. And you can bet they won't be programmed to hold picket signs.

However, one thing these digital dramatists appear to share with their human counterparts is a fondness for press agents. They're also featured in a story about the "Final Fantasy" film in the current Newsweek.

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