Moron marketers misinterpret mischief, run amuck with meaningless monikers.


Moron marketers misinterpret mischief, run amuck with meaningless monikers.

A little while back, The Design Conspiracy concocted a website, What Brand Are You, to rip on the recent proliferation of sh*tty and nonsensical company names. They did this by coming up with a pile of sh*tty and nonsensical company names of their own.

Well, according to the BBC, not everyone caught on to the gag, which of course just makes it even funnier.



My Brand name is: libertas

"Your brand will be unique because this denotes":

one more time

hey this is funny.. add "on the bed" to the end of anything that site says and keep laughing until late afternoon.....

Liberthuh? Sounds a lot like a brand name for feminine protection products to me...
In which case "one more time" is sadly all too true...

Hmmm. Wait.. Now that I have looked at more of the names, I think these fellars are hitting their own PR-drum with a bit of a fib.

One of their name suggestions - winnovate has been around since 15-jun-2001, long before this spoofy brand name site was created. Same with Bivium (Bivium Group), Informo has been around since 12-jun-2001, and Evolver was bought in April this year.

Just goes to show ya, even the silly names are taken. In fact I didn't find any that weren't except "Retardo"

Youre right - even libertas have been around since march this year.. hehe. :)

Hah! I suppose that's why there are so many bizarre names for products out there. All the good ones are taken. :D

even the really ridiculous ones are taken. ;)