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  • Dabitch's picture

    how bizarre.... Smashing conversation over at mefi, cracks me up this;

    How about the photographer that took the original photo. Isn't there a copyright violation of some sort here. Or did Prince take the original photo, too. If I started taking photos of magazine ads and selling them I'm sure someone would be after me before long.

    posted by waltb555

    Just take a photo of this photo. If anyone comes after you refer them to Prince. And if he comes after you, laugh.

    posted by StickyCarpet

    Ha, I've just taken a screencap from the Christies website thus taking the "artistic" process and the price to the next level.Offers anyone?

    posted by Joeforking

    I just did a right-click "Save image as..." of the re-photograph of the photograph of the Marlboro ad from the Christie's site and now have in my possession 1 (one only) image called "prince.jpg" available for auction.To the successful bidder, this fine work can be yours to have and to hold on your hard drive. Though ethreal in such intangible form, you will indeed feel like you've been sold something and how.Who will begin the bidding? Do I hear $5?On preview, drat you in the back. Yes, you Joeforking!

    posted by hal9k

    Nov 12, 2005

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