The most interesting branding on twitter @TheeDosEquisMan


The most interesting branding on twitter @TheeDosEquisMan


Can you do branding in 140 chars? The "I am what Willis was talking about" most interesting man in the world handles his twitter-account with panache - @TheeDosEquisMan

He frequently calls 911- just to see if he can help out.

I was never a big fan of the most interesting man campaign, but it has consistently been bringing home the accolades and awards, because it's consistent. This twitter-account has pretty accurately captured the exact tone of voice, and manages to be topical on the news of the day as well. Hmmm.....

He sat by the Queen Mother at the Royal Wedding, and didn't need an invitation. His presence was his Wedding gift. #rw11

A branding twitter account that uses hashtags? & Twitpics? Oh my.

He has won the Lifetime Achievement award... Twice.

Sometimes the tweets even step into very risky zones, but see, this is the most interesting man in the world. Unlike the Kenneth Cole account, this man might balance right on the line, but if he oversteps it, the line will move to his favor. 245,301 people follow @TheeDosEquisMan hanging into every tweet.

The @DosEquisMan , @DosXXMan and @DosEquis are reportedly crying in their beers about it.


Tell me something. Did this guy used to be the fake charlie sheen?

Don't know if that was him as well. (But this is not the official Dos Equis)

This guy is great. Dos Equis should hire him to man the real account, which is stale.

it's funny. i love this campaign. love the way it is shot and yes the consistency of it. it's brilliant.
but to me it's a guilty pleasure, since it's a total rip off of the chuck norris facts which began a full 3 years before the campaign went national. i still don't care enough to totally dismiss it though.

I see his account got suspended. Anyone have an archive of all his posts?

Twitter is notoriously hard to find archives of. here's about his suspension, and there's a few tweetkeeprs out there but I find them rather non-functioning.

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