"Most Wanted" Saddam posters go up.


"Most Wanted" Saddam posters go up.


Interesting communication. To announce the $25 million reward for the former Iraqi leader, blood red posters showing Saddam, and his two sons - crossed out - go up in Baghdad.

CNN explains the sons featured - a probable first amoungst wanted posters?

"In an effort to show the coalition will keep its word on the reward money, one of the posters notes that the $15 million reward for each of Saddam's sons was collected.

U.S. forces received a tip from an Iraqi informant 24 hours before attacking the sons' hideout in the northern city of Mosul on July 22. The informant was paid $30 million for the information."



isn't the US in a massive deficit? Where do they get this money? Tsk.

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