Movers and Shakers: Gary Tole signed to Pirate, Rhino gets repped

Just as 5.1 is becoming the standard surround mix for broadcast, Pirate NYC has signed a superstar in the medium. Grammy-nominated expert commercial audio post mixer Gary Tole is one of the top 5.1 engineers in the United States and has earned a reputation for consistently delivering mixes that are superior both technically and creatively. With more than two decades of experience, he is one of the few mixers who combine true audio post expertise and artistry to make his projects perpetual sonic stand-outs.

"I've been around so many world-class clients and studios that I know excellence when I see it, and Pirate is sound producing at a level as good as anyone in the industry," stated Tole. "I'm eager to join the crew and help Pirate as they continue to grow in the U.S."

Rhino (Rhino) recently hired two veteran independent sales representatives to bolster their operations in Canada and the East Coast of the United States. Independent, Ann McKallagat will join staff EP/Sales Representative, Bob Ramos in the East, while Jamie Phair of JPreps will handle sales in Canada, focusing on Toronto. Rhino's existing representatives will continue to operate in their established territories: Toni Saarinen on the West Coast and in Texas, Georgina Poushkine in London, and Nikki Weiss in the Midwest.

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