Mr "Whats the big idea?" George Lois on The Advertising Show


Hear George Lois, ad legend and founder of Lois USA, share classic stories from his career with Bill Bernbach of Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB) and his 40 years as a free spirit in the ad industry. If you're lucky he might even tell about that time he threatened to jump out of a window for an Matzo ad. As advertising’s self-styled street fighter, George Lois gained fame and major awards with bold, clean Doyle Dane Bernbach, Papert Koenig Lois and Lois Holland Callaway work between 1958 and 1978. He also became the youngest inductee into the Art Directors Hall of Fame. Lois' ads for Wolfschmidt vodka, Xerox, Allerest, MTV, Maypo, Wheatena, Edwards & Hanly and his Esquire covers reflected his "loosey-goosey" style and exemplified his idiosyncratic "stun 'em and cause outrage" philosophy. Never an "establishment" model citizen, Lois is defined by his powerful early work.
You can tune in Saturday 8-10 p.m. CET (2-4 p.m. EST) to for the live webcast. Or check out the commercial free archives.

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