MTV Japan: The Hunt for the EyeDolls


The Hunt for the EyeDolls was created to spread awareness and heavily hype the Video Music Awards Japan 2005. To do this, we created a scavenger hunt all over Tokyo where interested fans are to seek and discover EyeDolls. Each EyeDoll is a free ticket to the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2005 and each EyeDoll has additional prizes depending on its color. The most special EyeDoll is silver, and this one gives the lucky finder a walk on the Red Carpet with all the music stars at the Video Music Awards on May 29th. Other prizes include iPod shuffles, CD's from Tower Records and Tommy Hilfiger apparel.

Creative team: The team is comprised of writer Tyler Whisnand from the USA, art director Nils-Petter Lövgren from Sweden, stategist Engin Celikbas from the Netherlands and project coordinator Marc Wesseling from the Netherlands all of whom work at KesselsKramer. The MTV team is: Masahiko Otake, Megumi Kuwasaki both from Japan. Fido, in Sweden was in charge of the animation. Jakob Westman from Sweden and Arno Peters from the Netherlands did the illustration. Supreme Asia Pacific Limited in Hong Kong produced the actual EyeDolls. Yes, a true international effort.

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  • Dabitch's picture

    This is really silly of me - but I don't like that it's blue. Never did fancy that blue.

    Apr 29, 2005

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