MTV nixes Super Size me commercial - or is it a PR-ploy?

The documentary Super Size me which got high praize at the Sundance Film Festival and doing really well at the boxoffice, is again in the news - this time for being "banned from MTV".

Reuters picks up a press release and headlines it: "Super Size Me" gets downsized by MTV", claiming that MTV has refused to air advertisements for documentary "Super Size Me"... Aaaah, but did they?
The Hollywood reporter hears out MTVs version of the story, where a spokeswoman said the channel suggested some edits of the commercial, but ultimately accepted the original version. What MTV couldn't stomach was a scene where Spurlock was vomiting - this from the channel that brought you Jackass. By MTV's account, IDP then withdrew the commercial, "and instead of submitting the commercial, they chose to put out a press release." Is this simply a PR-ploy?