Mustard Makers Go "Merde!"


Mustard Makers Go "Merde!"


By now you've heard about the French Fries = Freedom Fries, and French Toast = Freedom Toast thing going on in America. Well, French's, one of the US' largest mustard brands, got so worried about their image with all the anti-Français sentiments going on that they issued a press release to let everyone know they're all-American and it's ok to keep on buying their mildly pungent yellow condiment. Truly a great moment in public relations.


it's this kind of stuff that makes me feel "a bit embarassed' of living in what I think is an educated country. It's just sillyness to the extreme fueled by the stupid Republicans.

Every country has its fair share of idiots - it's just that they're a bit louder in the US.

Saturday Night Live joke:

"In protest of France's opposition to a U.S. war on Iraq, the U.S. Congress' cafeteria has changed french fries and french toast to 'freedom fries' and 'freedom toast.' Afterwards, the congressmen were so pleased with themselves, they all started freedom kissing each other. In a related story, in France, American cheese is now referred to as 'idiot cheese.'"

Which is exactly why this whole debacle should not have been dignified with a response (unless it was just a crafty way of further pointing out the utter boobdom of some of my countrymen)...

My forehead is purplish and sore from repeated beatings against my desk.

And did you hear the one of the Daily Show re: the dumping of French wines?

"You already bought the wine!!!"

i know. that's just so incredibly thick headed.

heheh. idiot cheese. hehehe.


The mustard-maker said it felt obliged to hire a PR company to set the record straight after some media reports suggested it was being

Not really. Wine is something to be enjoyed. Given the current hypocritical, self righteousness of both the French and German governments (both of whom dodged/ignored UN sanctions to enrich themselves) I would not enjoy wine from either country at this point. I would be embarrassed to serve it to guests. And, I'd feel guilty about selling it to someone else. So, what's the point of keeping it? It's just going to turn to vinegar like the transatlantic relationships it represents.

The good news is that the world will discover that other countries make fine wines that can be enjoyed without the emotional baggage of those from France and Germany. It is interesting to note that the grassroots boycott of French wine has only just started and already the Movement of French Enterprises (Medef) is concerned (

Good old free enterprise still allows freedom of expression in the place it hurts opponents most. In the pocketbook. No US government intervention required. Just individual citizens who are sick and tired of the French bashing us for the last 50 years. There's nothing from or in France that I particularly need or want. Good riddance.

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