My Super Proposal


My Super Proposal

Rand's original plan was to propose to his girlfriend during this year's Super Bowl game, but he was oh, about $2.325 million dollar short.

Not letting CBS rain on his parade, he took his money to the CW and bought regional ad space last night on his girlfriend's favorite show - Veronica Mars. Here's his spot:

And here's her reaction:

My Super Proposal ended up so much better than My Super Kidnapping Plot.



When I first heard about this, I thought he was filthy rich to buy a SB spot. But, I guess not. He still gets mad props in my book. I'd like to see someone beat this marriage proposal.

All of this couples friends hate this guy now, for raising the bar that high. ;9
I love it when she says "I think I''m gonna puke". That's romance for ya.

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