The Naked chef a bit risque, full frontal fruit


The Naked chef a bit risque, full frontal fruit


Boots made a booboo, showing an image of Jamie Oliver in the Boots Christmas Gift Guide - the catalogue is now being hastily withdrawn.

Oliver graces the cover of the calender, but some peoples imagination went haywire, and to them it looked like someone had crudely appended a penis onto the picture of the naked chef.

Alas, the offending item between Olivers legs is an innocent bag of fruit. It's when the image is scaled down things get bit fuzzy....


Hmmm....I think the copywriter was looking for some tongue in cheek copy. But if the writer had more guts, the headline would be "is that a kumquat in your bag?"

Oh Puh-leeze!

How can people be so dim and reactionary? Flowers happen to resemble vaginas, but we haven't "withdrawn" flowers!

People complain about there being too much sex in advertising, but it seems like those whiners have dirty minds to begin with ;)

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