Nathan's Hot Dog Hut. Or: why Holland, Michigan sucks.

Just when you think social media stunts can't get any lower, and no good will ever come of it all, a potential opportunity shows up to right the scales of justice. Or something.

Last week, a 13 year-old boy named Nathan Duszynski set up a hot dog cart to help raise money for his disabled parents. His father has multiple sclerosis and his mother has epilepsy. He went through all the necessary steps, even visiting city hall with his mom to make sure everything was kosher.

But then the minute he set up shop, boom. Some bureaucratic moron came to shut the whole party down before he even sold his first red hot.

It didn't take long for some opinions on the matter to be voiced. Pretty much all were negative.

The big bummer is, Nathan and his family will sell the hot dog cart and use the cash to get to the state capital and try to talk some sense into the legislatures there.

But wait! Stop the presses!! The hot dog cart in question is from Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs. And the kid's first name is Nathan!

While the city of Holland, Michigan drags its feet "works with Nathan," the hot dog company Nathan's has a great opportunity to generate some social media feel goodness for its brand. Donate a cart, tweet the heck out of it, write some PR, help some good honest people, and receive some warmth back. You're welcome, Nathan's Famous. Next time, we're charging you. A lot.

As for the bureaucrats in Holland: Congratulations! You just killed a small business before it even got off the ground! Not to mention the extra income that might have been generated for parents with disabilities. Here's a newsflash for you: A thirteen-year-old boy's hot dog cart isn't going to cut into the competition of the established restaurants in that area any time soon. I hope President Obama will be having stern words with you.

As for you, Nathan Duszynski: Hey buddy, gimme two dogs with spicy mustard, and onions, okay? Hope when you grow up, you'll run for President. Either way, the country needs more people like you.

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