The Neil French Ad Awards


The Neil French Ad Awards

Our favorite sexist is working on new advertising awards!

If he sticks to his guns, the categories are sure to include:

Best placement of a woman in a print ad (limited to cleaning supply clients, of course).
Best set of breasts in a beer ad.
Best set(s) of chicks' legs in a beer ad.
Best set(s) of chicks' buns in a beer ad.

Entries are restricted to male creatives, so as to save the judges' time from looking at the "crap" that females produce.



The Neil French is sexist thing is so tired. Not to mention blown way out of proportion.

The point you missed entirely is whether or not the world needs another award show.

250/400 US per entry = he's in it to make money.

You should hope Neil forgives you enough to Dirty Sanchez you in the future.

We don't need more award shows. And the ones we do have should just be improved.

Commarts, D&AD, One Show, NY Art Directors Club, Andys, Clios, and (Sometimes, and only for Film+Titanium) Cannes are the only ones you can expect to be worth it-- and in that order. These are the shows that hold higher standards and (usually) reward real ideas.

Every other award, imo, is redundant, a pointless waste of cash, and rather worthless (except perhaps, for exposure).

But it seems to me he's looking to make some money off all the deziens of print-scammers from farflung lands who get off on getting their work printed in a glossy.

Smart cookie. You can always make money off egos.

Leslie doesn't just burn - she's red hot! Very funny. That prick needs to be told. Pardon my French.

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