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    But this time the subject is fan worship, with surprisingly little resonance to the political turmoil of the world.

    "It seemed important to have a subject that wasn't too off-putting at first glance, said the new editorial director, Kurt Andersen, perhaps best known as a founder of the trouble-making Spy magazine.

    Who was it that said; it's easier to tame a wild horse than blow life into a dead one? While it might look like Kurt is filing down the edges of colors, I'm sure the old SPY master has a trick or two up his sleeve.... Fan worship. Interesting. While it might look glitzy on the surface that can be a really sick subject. What am I chatting here for, I better hit the newsstand and see what the fuss is about.

    Oh, I too am intimidated by the rhyming masters of the trivia thread. They should start an adland rap-group if they are ad libbing all that.

    Apr 28, 2004

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