New Converse mutant creatures aren't that new, really.

Converse mutant animals
two Dogs, Dogman
Two Dogs, Hairy

Must scratch another Badland itch. Adfreak pointed out that mutant animals wear converse, and the second image they show with all the posters on one wall reminded me of Amsterdam way back then, where walls of 'wild posters' would annoy me every day because I couldn't figure out if that Two Dogs lemonade campaign from Garbers international was trying to make a "hair if the dog" pun or not. Not that similar, but photoshopping strange new creatures together seems to be popular in Adland.

Credits for the two dogs campaign which won the photography Epica award 1998 - Photographer: J. K. Potter Agency: Garbergs International, Amsterdam Creative Director: Paul Falla Copywriters: Dennis Zijlstra & Paul Falla Art Directors: Remco Bos & Mark Aink

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