New feature - Commercials by country


New feature - Commercials by country

Peace adgrunts, super or not - we've got another widget to help browse the massive commercial archive aimlessly.

See, it's been one of my peeves for ages that in order to search for commercials, you need to know something about them. In the super search for example, you can narrow it down to which topic a commercial was posted under, or type in a brand name or just a word, say gas and select to search the "commercials" only and you'll get any ad with the letter-combo "gas" in the post somewhere. This may or may not have anything to do with "gas" and so, the tags were created to enable you to tags ads by content. It was made clear in the recent post about the tags which we implemented last year that only a few die-hards are using it and most are unaware of them. Tags work best when many people tag many things so I hope this will change. You can tag 40 words on any commercial so go ahead and go nuts!

Some people stroll the archive by month and year to aimlessly browse, and those who like to do that here's another option for you - the most recent
commercials by country
page! You don't need to figure out a brand to search on, just check by geography. ;) Added this link to the left navigation sidebar "deeper adland" with the others.

This brings me to another point, we need more stuff that is not from the United States. I don't know why you Kiwis, Aussies, French, Belgian, Brazilian, Argentinian, Portuguese, Swedes et al are so shy but it is time to stop being humble! Send in your reels old or new, all it costs is a stamp. And yes, spec too!

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