New Pepsi Generation- music downloaders


New Pepsi Generation- music downloaders


Pepsi and iTunes are set to launch a new promotion during the Super Bowl. A for two months the companies will be giving away up to 100 million free and legal songs. The spot features about 20 teens who were sued by the RIAA for illegally downloading music. From the article:

Annie Leith, a 14-year-old from Staten Island, appears with other downloaders in the ad, which features music by Green Day. The band cut a special version of the 1966 Bobby Fuller Four hit I Fought the Law for the ad, by BBDO, New York. In the ad, Leith holds a Pepsi and proclaims: "We are still going to download music for free off the Internet." Then the announcer says how: "Announcing the Pepsi iTunes Giveaway."


That looks like a start of a business model:

- sue the downloaders
- take the settlement money (and give it to the artists, right?)
- get the defendants into the TV ads
- reimburse the settlement costs from the ad costs

Isn't it a nice ad-based buisiness model for the music industry!..

...problem is that the song cont with "...and the Law won" :)

Perfect choice of song "I fought the Law" oh yeah!

The way its goin, the Law may be the only thing goin for them as each sued infringer must face a judgement.
Or you could say the law won at Pepsi's expense.

Now that I have seen the spot and managed to not sit fhru 4 hours of Super Bowl to see it, I can honestly say now that the RIAA is gonna get backlashed on this bigtime. It makes a complete joke out of the RIAA and their antics and only magnifies the fact that people download music for free, without the help of Itunes. If there had been a new Napster ad perhaps it would have been cooler, but still the ad business is looking out for its client and Itunes does win of course even if the music "business" doesn't. They will sell more Ipods and downloads to go with em, but not saving the industry from losing millions everyday to downloaders who would willingly pay a small monthly fee for access to an archive of GOOD music!

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