New PR and marketing portal launched is a new knowledge-sharing portal built and supported by communication leaders, associations, schools and businesses. Their goal is to help improve organizational and human communication by giving Communications, PR and Marketing professionals instant access to expert-led knowledge communities, learning events, resources, associations, schools and businesses. Membership is free in the 'startup phase'.

"Because all of us communicate every day, the art and science of communication is below most of our radar screens," says Robert Holland, of Holland Communication Solutions, and co-leader of the Communitelligence Internal Communications community. "But how well we communicate as individuals and organizations greatly impacts our success or failure - not only of our organizations but our families, and our most prized institutions.

"The sobering fact is that many of our human and institutional catastrophes could be squarely blamed on `communication breakdowns'," says Holland. "Ineffective communication, in fact, could be blamed for NASA's 2003 space shuttle disaster, the 1999 Columbine School shootings, and the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center. And on a more personal scale, think of all the misunderstandings in our daily work and personal lives that could be avoided if only we communicated better."

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  • amoeba's picture

    Does anyone else find the 9-11 and columbine mentions in this a little disturbing?

    Oct 25, 2004