New skins, and no theme override.


New skins, and no theme override.

In preparation for the onslaught of traffic coming for the super bowl ads here on Sunday, I decided to give the theme override a break. Now that you check out the previously always blue Commercials section, and the previously bright orange Badland section you'll see that they are the same color as everywhere else.

We save some bytes on that, always a good thing !

And just because I've suddenly gotten really sick of sans serif fonts and feel like tea, I made a new theme called Spring!
Spring has beige and tea colors, and serif fonts (in particular american typewriter if your system has it). All logged in adgrunts can choose their favorite theme and stick with it throughout the site - the Grey one is still popular. The SB named themes are extra wide and carry the superbowl shortcuts on top. The old-old theme from 2001, Kulture and it's color variations still works as well if you want to get nostalgic.

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