New toys! RSS for everything! RSS by you.


New toys! RSS for everything! RSS by you.

'Allo 'allo all, a new toy is in town - RSS for everything that you do here as a bonafide adgrunt extraordinaire. All your witty quips in comments, front page postings and even ratings of the films are available in RSS feeds now. (which means one question I answered in the e-book Unleash the power of RSS a little dated now.) As you already know, we carry three feeds of the postings here, the news feed, the film feed and for those who want it all the whole enchilada feed. You can read them in your feeedreader of choice, or display them on your site, like Yaksox at Sunny Breaks has been doing for years. (read more)

So what can you do with the comments feed, posting feeds or the rating feeds? Show off of course! First, where do you find them, well lets check out what adgrunt ernieschencks user page looks like. See them buttons above his little collection of front page posts (left) and all his comments (right)? Well if he (or you) fancies to, he can do what caffeinegoddess demonstrates on her Cup Of Java page. Look on the right hand side, the box labelled "Caff blends at AdLand" is all of her latest postings here at AdLand. Neat isn't it?

Of course, if you don't post but are a rating-nut like myself you can use the RSS Ratings link found above your ratings to display all the commercials you voted thumbs up or down lately letting your fans & pals that check out your homepage know what you think is hot or not at the moment.

How do you do it? It all depends on your blog but with the help of Caffeinegoddess we've found a few toys that are very useful. As you can see, she hosts her blog on and the trick she used was this feed to javascript creator. Fill in the build form, out pops some code that you place where you think it should be on your blog and presto, you're done. There are a few alternatives. JavaScript RSS box and RSS include v0.1 for example.

Where is your adgrunt user page? Easy, it's at , or you can look yourself up under that previous link. (updated 2008: This no longer works in this way) Or look a friend up, add his/her ratings to your favorite feedreader so you can see what s/he likes.

Feedreaders - there are plenty out there, the web-available like Bloglines or Kinja. The homebrew web-variants like gregarius (demo) (download) for those of you who can use php/mysql based stuff on your hosts and there's a bunch of standalone programs for every computer platform. Sharpreader (Windows), Thinfeeder (Java based) and NetNewsWire (Mac osX) for example. You can find lots more at What are you waiting for, hop on the RSS bandwagon kids.

update, oh my! I completly forgot to mention that there is an RSS feed for every comment thread created under every post as well. Could be useful when we do those ad-haiku type game threads that go on forever and you want to keep watch on updates, or if you post a front page post and want to know if someone commented to your article. Just use the corresponding RSS Comments button-link under each post and add it to your feed reader of choice.

The feed for these comments is at : * as you'll see if you click the orange and grey button below. :)

* note: RSS comments offer now lists all comments on all articles instead, and can be found here:


Nice toys! Thanks for pointing to those java-script things.

Off-topic, what is with those new HUGE buttons on the front page stating "Visa Verified" and "Instant SSL Verified"?

Thanks. Personally I'm showing off the latest rated ads on my personal site here (don't tell me that the CSS is a mess over there, I know but it's on ice until I have time to sort it.)

Oh, those huge buttons are the official buttons that you get when you buy a SSL certificate and offer Credit Card verification payment systems that are Verified by Visa. They are rather large yes, but if it makes people feel better, so be it.

The "Hot-or-Not" feed of all ads/posts rated is a great widget. Now all I have to do is get a blog to show it off.

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