The new wave of net films might predict their demise

The only danger is that Net films will become as ubiquitous as TV ads. If that happens, the sheer volume would mean that not even the good ones will stand out. For now though, most Net films beat the heck out of 99% of the ads we have to endure on TV -- and even stand up pretty well as short-form cinema.

From The new wave of Net Films (also at businessweek)

The filmic websites in the article are BMW films, Dr Marten's mini documentaries, Ford's Mercury brand films Meet the Lucky Ones, Jaguars live action/anime hybrids at x-ingover, and of course those Amazon Theatre films we recently discussed here.

Do you think that too much of a good thing will kill the net-film idea? Do you like the films? If not why not, and if you do - would you buy the product that sponsored it? Hat tip to Claymore. Hope to hear what y'all think about this.

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    I doubt that too much of a good thing will kill this. The thing is, there aren't all that many that are really very good, at least of the ones that I've taken the time to watch. I'm not sure that the films would make me buy the product or not buy the product (unless I was completely offended by something I saw)...mostly because the majority of these films aren't showing benefits of the products so much as creating branded entertainment.

    Dec 06, 2004