News reporter who gets bird poo in mouth is viral for some soda-pop, or something.


News reporter who gets bird poo in mouth is viral for some soda-pop, or something.


There are so many layers of "fake - gotcha!" in this that I can't be bothered doing anything but laughing. See the "making of" bird poops in mouth inside.

From Bob and David:

I made this Behind the Scenes video on the shoot of my FIRST! commercial... show a glimpse of how the process works. You'll see that the advertiser can get far too hands-on, and yet somehow the Director, in this case--ME, can pull a daisy out of a turdpile.


I find it all a bit too meta. Is it really a viral for a viral? Is there a product at the end? I mean, is there a real soda we can buy after this? Am I the only one who finds the portrayal of the (fake) Nigerian businessmen pretty offensive?

This is just another contrived piece of junk with some very offensive bigotry thrown in for good measure. I didn't think anything could top that Bren and Luck Wonderbra garbage, but this beats it hands down.

Thanks. I'm not going to waste my time viewing it.

"Happiness is overrated."

I'm pretty sure that the bird poo clip is real and that the second video is just a skit on comedy site Super Deluxe that references the viral.

The bird poop one feels really un-real to me. "Action news" and a boom-guy running into the shot a live feed and all that.

Absolutely. There's no way on God's green earth that's real. Just watch it. I really hate to be so critical, but there's nothing good about it.

Also "Pear festival cancelled due to lack of funds" in the headline ticker at the bottom, between news of Benazir Bhutto's funeral and privacy concerns on phones due to ads. Hmmm. Why is "action news 7" sending this live anyway?

Ask them

"Happiness is overrated."

Oh my, there actually is an action news 7. Shows how cynical I've gotten over the years.

I blame the internet. ;)

"Happiness is overrated."

I never doubted that there was an Action News 7, but I don't believe
any of this is real. I can't imagine the news division of an ABC
affiliate taking part in such a thing, particularly with the portrayal
of the Nigerian businessman. Also, if you go to their website, I don't see that reporter on their roster, and the station ID in their lower third doesn't look anything like the one in the viral.

My point, exactly! :)

"Happiness is overrated."

Oh, I thought you were showing me that there was an action news seven - actually reading my comments back you can't really tell that I'm doing major finger quotes around that name. I thought "action news 7" was generic enough, silly enough and serious sounding enough to be the perfect fake name. Hence the surprise when there actually is a news show named that. And for a moment I thought they had done the bird poop blooper. Now I'm back to thinking it's all fake again.

It was some of that, some of what tod.brody said, some of something else. The fog of internet communication.

The real news station from Detroit, is called, "7 Action News". I believe they used to call it "Channel 7 Action News", that's what I remember as a kid. I haven't watched it, or any other news program, in years.

I think Wikipedia has a page on all the "Action News" stations.

"Happiness is overrated."

Actually, if you do a Google search, WXYZ in Detroit isn't the only Action News 7, just like WABC in New York isn't the only Eyewitness News. And this viral isn't the only use of Action News 7 in a YouTube spoof.

Sweetie dab, if you turn the cynicism down a notch you'll see that this is a parody of a viral commercial shoot, that has somehow managed to go viral. That is the funny.

I'm pretty sure we all get that. The problem is that it's not funny.

It's one of those jokes (the bird poop incident film only) that you either love or hate. Around my office everyone saw it, and people were either laughing out loud or not even considering laughing. I'm in the laughing camp, I'll admit. I don't care much for the full skit, only because the crazy directors doing terrible commercials and taking themselves to seriously joke has been done much funnier , and without Nigerian soda pop, before.

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