NFL = Non-Flaccid League?

Well, this should certainly change the dynamics of the game...

The Day (login needed for old news) reports that impotence drug Levitra has become a sponsor of NFL. The multimillion-dollar agreement allows Levitra to use the NFL logo in advertisements and other marketing materials, said Brian McCarthy, a spokesman for the NFL.

from TheDay:

Bayer and GlaxoSmithKline agreed to pay $6 million a year for three years for the NFL sponsorship, according to a report in Advertising Age. One person briefed on the deal said the reported figure was “in the ballpark.” Advertising Age also reported that the companies had hired Mike Ditka, the former coach of the Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints, to act as spokesman for Levitra in a series of ads.

Both companies said they could not talk about who they had chosen to become representatives for Levitra because they were still completing the details.

Michael Fleming, a spokesman for GlaxoSmithKline, said the companies were “looking for the everyday guy” who would connect with NFL fans and get them to see their doctor.

“Men do need some prodding in seeking treatment,” he said.

Marketing experts say that men relate to sports figures, making them an effective promotional tool.

“They lend instant credibility to the product,” said Michael Kelley, managing director for the New York office of Relay Sports and Event Marketing, which is part of Publicis, the ad agency. “I don't think their primary goal is getting men to go to the doctor. It's about selling their product.”

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