Niel French gets lifetime award at Clios

Neil French - who's own site is amoungt our top rated adgrunt choice - gets a lifetime Garland at the Clio awards.

Rick Boyko, chief creative officer of Ogilvy & Mather, said: "Neil French, like David Ogilvy, had amassed a lengthy list of careers before entering advertising. Things like waiter, matador, pornographer, actor, copywriter and creative director. Fortunately for us, after finding his way into advertising, he found his way into Ogilvy.

Other people with Clio Lifetime Awards include David Abbott and director, Tony Kaye.

The Clio Festival Week wil be held in Miami, May 18th -21st ths year. Pray it don't rain. ;-)

French explains how to write a Newspaper ad at the Newspaper Association of America site where you can also dowload a printable .pdf of the ads. Other ads in the series are written by other ad-heavy weights Luke Sullivan and Jeff Goodby.

Congrats Frenchie.

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