Night Agency interviewed in Gothamist.

The Gothamist have interviewed three wet behind the ears creatives who have opened their own shop in NYC. The Night Agency, Creative Marketers posse are Evan Vogel, 26, Scott Cohn, 28 and Darren Paul 27. Seems to me a pretty good age-average for starting a shop, their only shortcoming is failing to actually know the difference between viral and guerilla marketing. Then again, what would you expect from the boys who gave us ass-vertising?

Q: Is there a difference between guerilla marketing and viral?
All the definitions are yet to be set in stone at this point, but it seems to me that viral is primarily an online phenomenon whereas guerilla is more of an umbrella term for those marketing efforts that don’t fall into longer established mediums of advertising. In the past it was mostly illegal wall sniping, but these days there are tons of legal and more interesting ways to spend the end of your budget.
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